You are currently viewing Who Is Andrea Riseborough? How Surprise Best Actress Oscar Nominee’s Grassroots Campaign—Backed By Paltrow, Winslet, Blanchett And More—Worked


Riseborough’s film To Leslie made little noise and just $27,000 at the box office — but a last-minute grassroots campaign organized by her peers made her a Best Actress Oscar nominee.

Key Facts

Riseborough stars as a woman struggling with addiction in To Leslie, which had a limited theatrical release in October.

Her film was not widely seen and initially attracted little awards buzz — it generated just $27,000 at the global box office and the only significant awards mention Riseborough received before the Oscars was a Best Lead Performance nomination at the Independent Spirit Awards (she was overlooked by the Golden Globes and British Academy Film Awards, which are typically predictors of Oscars success).

Riseborough benefitted from a last-minute Oscar campaign organized by fellow actors, including Kate Winslet, Amy Adams, and Gwyneth Paltrow, which raised her profile during the nominations

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