You are currently viewing Doomsday Clock—Measuring Humanity’s Threat Of Self-Annihilation—Moves To 90 Seconds To Midnight. Here’s What To Know.


The hands of the Doomsday Clock, used by top scientists to assess how close humanity is to self-annihilation, moved forwards to 90 seconds to midnight on Tuesday, the highest threat level in the project’s history—here are the highest threat levels previously reached.


2 minutes to midnight. 1953.The Bulletin moved the clock the closest to midnight it had ever been—and the closest it would ever be in the 20th Century—after the U.S. and the Soviet Union detonated their first thermonuclear weapons.

2.5 minutes to midnight. 2017.The Bulletin said the “words of a single person,” Donald Trump, had motivated the decision to move the clock 30 seconds, having “made a bad international security situation worse” despite only having been president for a matter of days at the time of the announcement.

2 minutes to midnight. 2018.Nuclear concerns were once again center stage

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