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It is the tenth anniversary of Dry January, the campaign that was imagined in England by Alcohol Change UK to get people to consume less alcohol and rethink their relationship with alcohol.

As we near the end of January, we take a look at some of the impact that Dry January has already had here in the US.

CGA Strategy reported that 35% of people participated in the campaign in 2022; but only 74% actually stuck to the month-long commitment. Morning Consult, the Decision Intelligence company predicted mid-month that participation in 2023 has dropped 4 percentage points for two basic reasons. First, is that millennials (the 23–38-year-old age group who in the past were among the most frequent drinkers of alcoholic beverages) are turning their backs to libations – in December 2021, 69% reported identified themselves as alcohol drinkers compared to 62% in 2022. Nielsen IQ also reports

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