You are currently viewing Hendrick Motorsports Presents Its Case To The Court Of (NASCAR) Public Opinion

Hendrick Motorsports is taking its case to the court of public opinion. Days after NASCAR handed down its largest team penalty in history, Hendrick executives met with the media to give their side of the story.

Wednesday Hendrick’s four teams were each handed stiff penalties stemming from issues NASCAR officials found on the team’s cars prior to last weekends race at Phoenix. During an inspection on Friday, NASCAR found the hood louvers on each of the team’s cars had been modified. They allowed the teams to practice, but then seized the parts for later study. When the penalties were announced, all 4 Hendrick crew chiefs were fined $100,000 and suspended for four races, and each team was also penalized with the loss of 100 points and 10 playoff points.

The $400,000 fine is the largest for a team in NASCAR’s history. The previous record belonged to the

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