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Lita was never supposed to be here.

At least, that’s how she felt coming up through the ranks as a tattooed woman with red hair who stood out in a pro wrestling locker room like a green hat with an orange bill. Despite where her ceiling was supposed to be, Lita overdelivered with a legendary career that spawned the greatest rivalry in the history of women’s wrestling.

Trish vs. Lita was not only great from a storytelling standpoint, but its legacy transcends WWE programming. Trish and Lita had a sea-changing effect on how the entire industry books, views and pays women’s wrestlers. In the process, Lita went from underdog to icon. Lita recently extended her Hall of Fame career alongside Becky Lynch with a WWE Tag Team Championship win over Damage CTRL. Similar to Liv Morgan’s “watch me” battlecry, Lita embraced her role as a fish-out-of-water.

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