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Two gladiators enter the ring and only one leaves.

I’m sure that you’ve heard or seen that famous line from time to time.

This handy trope implies that there can only be one winner. You either win or you lose. The winner survives and continues onward. The loser, well, we tend to assume they are left in the dust.

Some have been wondering whether this perhaps loosely describes the otherwise momentous event this week entailing the long-awaited and immensely anticipated unveiling and formal release of a generative AI app known as GPT-4.

You see, a lot of hype preceded the GPT-4 release. A lot of hype. Huge quantities. Gargantuan hype.

GPT-4 is essentially the successor to the widely and wildly popular ChatGPT. Both are products by AI maker OpenAI.

the link here, GPT-4 provides quite notable advances and improvements over ChatGPT. Pundits would generally agree

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