You are currently viewing Pro-Russia Twitter Trolls Stoked Fears About Ohio Derailment, Analysis Shows


Anonymous, pro-Russian accounts pushed anti-U.S. propaganda and spread misinformation about the recent train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, by using verified accounts on Twitter, according to an Associated Press analysis, complementing criticism by some Republican lawmakers of the Biden Administration’s response to the incident.

Key Facts

The accounts, identified for the AP by the London-based nonprofit Reset, made claims that authorities were lying about the impact of the train’s chemical spill, provoked concerns about possible health effects and compared the derailment to the U.S. government’s support for Ukraine, according to the Associated Press.

Other posts by the accounts—each of which featured a Twitter Blue verification mark—include a conspiracy that environmental scientists traveling to East Palestine were killed in a plane crash and a claim that the derailment will increase fatal cancers in the area.

One account with 25,000 followers tweeted: “Biden

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