You are currently viewing Target Removes LGBTQIA+-Themed Products, Citing Threats To Employees—All During Pride Month

Talk about your bad timing. Target TGT has removed LGBTQIA+-themed products from shelves – all during Pride month – citing threats “impacting our team members’ sense of safety and well-being while at work,” the company said.

“I’m typically complaining about rainbow washing around this time of the year as retailers paint their storefronts, web sites and social media with pride flags to stand in solidarity with the community.

“However, that, unfortunately, is not the case this year. It’s incredibly disappointing to see retailers pulling back their support. They need to realize it will do more harm for their brand than good in the long run. I implore marketers to stand their ground.

“Similar to Bud Light pulling back its LGBTQIA+ support following the backlash it received for partnering with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, Target is now joining its ranks in throwing

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