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In the recent Amazon AMZN movie Air, about the creation of Air Jordans, Matt Damon’s Sonny Vaccaro has a flash of inspiration: Nike’s proposed shoe line shouldn’t be about a Michael Jordan-endorsed sneaker; the shoes should be an expression of the basketball player himself and his budding greatness. Everyone can be like Mike.

In something of the same thinking about product as expression of person, long-time online creator Faze Rug (Brian Awadis) is finally wading into the world of branded merchandise for the first time, with something near and dear to his taste buds, candy.

Faze Rug (Brian Awadis) reacting to the super-sour candy his new 1Up Candy line has released as its … [+] first product.

(Image courtesy of 1Up Candy) 1Up Candy, starting with a gummy so sour it comes with its own separate neutralizer to get the taste out of

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