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France’s parliamentary elections were intended to bring change, but many fear the political gridlock means their struggle to pay bills will continue.

Celine Gallois is more careful these days about what she puts in her shopping basket. Prices at French supermarkets have jumped by nearly a third in the last couple of years, and two bags, filled mainly with basics including pasta, milk, meat and fruit, now cost her about 80 euros — the most she can afford to spend each week.

The cost to fill up the gas tank of her small car jumped to €90 a week from €60. And Ms. Gallois’s electricity bills, which President Emmanuel Macron’s government had capped during an energy crisis last year, shot up again last month after the subsidy ended.

All of this led her to cast a vote for Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally party for the first time during France’s parliamentary elections

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