It's Not Where You Travel But How That Could Make All The Difference To Your Well-Being

Travelers are now looking at not only their travel destination but also their full experience, before, during and after.Photo by

Today is considered the busiest day for British airports over the festive season and in the four days leading up to Christmas Day, almost 70 million people will “take to the skies”. Yet it’s not just the festive season that creates a buzz for the travel industry.

When the Global Wellness Institute published its first wellness tourism report in 2013, it put the sector’s contribution to wellness growth ‘on the world’s radar’. The latest release, published in November 2018, shows that wellness tourism grew more than twice as fast as tourism overall in 2017 and is forecast to grow even faster through to 2022.

Wellness, hospitality, and travel are now converging in unprecedented ways, from the ‘healthy hotel’ concept going utterly mainstream to airports, airlines, and cruises injecting so much wellness programming, to the profusion of ever-more-creative wellness destinations, retreats and tours.

Katherine Johnston and Ophelia Yeung, Global Wellness Institute Senior Researchers.

The Global Wellness Institute reports that wellness tourism grew more than twice as fast as tourism overall in 2017.Photo by Nappy from Pexels

It’s not surprising that the tourism industry has jumped into the wellness pool, after all, it’s a response to what people want – to both travel well and to be well.

But, there is still a gap.

Many of the new business models are primarily focused on before

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