Yes, Chatbots And Virtual Assistants Are Different!

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If chatbots and virtual assistants mean the same thing to you then your understanding of these AI applications requires an upgrade. In reality, there’s a significant difference between the two that employees need to know well before an organization introduces chatbots or virtual assistants.

AI applications have evolved at an astounding pace and are providing incredible value. Tech-savvy companies are building AI applications to help organizations boost revenue, augment business productivity and innovate business operations. Many organizations are therefore extending efforts to identify more and more areas to leverage and derive maximum value from AI.

Chatbots and virtual assistants are ripened fruits of AI, which organizations are actively and significantly utilizing for automating their internal business processes. We can’t deny the fact that these AI applications are not only helping organizations but are also impacting our personal lives too. However, these two ‘intelligent’ applications of AI are often confused as one.

Chatbots are generally used as information acquisition interfaces, such as extracting product details. Virtual assistants can assist in conducting business, like reminding you of meetings, managing your to-do lists, taking down notes and so on. If you ask a chatbot for such virtual assistance, they get confused, and ultimately keep asking the same questions for clarification. Both are considered conversational interfaces, yet both are very different from one another.

Hence, it’s critical that organizations understand the differences between chatbots and virtual assistants to apply them wisely.

What are Chatbots? 

Chatbots are automated programs used as a medium to interact with humans via textual or auditory means. This AI-powered software

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