Why Chatbots Could Be The Secret Weapon To Elevate Your Customer Experience

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As a consumer, how many times have you sent off an email to customer service only to never receive a reply? And how many times have you made a repeat purchase from a brand that treated you this way?

If you’re looking to increase online sales, chatbots can be a secret weapon in your marketing arsenal. Even if your customer service team already is topnotch, it’s clear that consumer culture is changing in a drastic way. Today, consumers operate with an expectation of instant gratification. When they send off a question, whether via social media or email, they want to receive an almost-instant reply.

Provide 24 hour service

“Conversation as an interface, assisted with artificial intelligence, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and multi-node neural networks are not only able to successfully engage with customers and provide them with choices to perform specific actions, but also able to assist customers while the humans are out on lunch or finished their shift,” says Omer Khan, CEO of VividTech, who has over 14 years of experience in engineering customer service solutions. Multi-node neural network is a type of machine learning which models itself after the human brain.

In this sense, chatbots can effectively streamline your ability to service customers and increase sales. Providing customers with instant responses, answering basic questions, helping with common order questions, resolving complaints quickly, and providing a consistently friendly and on-brand voice are all reasons that chatbots provide an

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