The Best Gifts For Women, Made By Women

Two Neighbors purse was created by women living in Israel and PalestineTwo Neighbors

As 2018 comes to a close, there’s no doubt that it was a powerful year for female solidarity. Women have repeatedly demonstrated their commitment to supporting other women and with female founders on the rise, more and more businesses are being created with a vision of supporting and lifting up other women.

One good example is The Little Market, a nonprofit established by women (Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla) for women. The Little Market curates global goods that are made ethically and sustainably by women around the world. With an envy inducing Instagram feed, the company sells products ranging from candles to quilts, all of which are purchased up front so artisans are paid fairly and justly.

While looking for gifts for the special women in your life, consider supporting brands whose products are also made by women, economically empowering them to feed, care for and educate the next generation of women. 

The Two Neighbors Nur dress was designed and created by women from Israel and PalestineTwo Neighbors

Two Neighbors

Two Neighbors is a socially conscious fashion brand that is empowering women and encouraging ‘peace through the eye of a needle’ as their tagline states. By creating unlikely business partnerships, the company is dedicated to bringing today’s opposing cultures in Israel and Palestine together by providing jobs for women and a pathway to collaboration and peace in a very broken society. Handbags

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