This Millennial Entrepreneur Built A $500,000, One-Man Business By Re-Thinking The Bikini

Many women who want to wear a bikini on their holiday vacations run up against a common frustration: Their swimsuits are too flimsy for them to do anything other than sit in a lounge chair. They have to choose between wearing trendy styles at high risk of wardrobe malfunction and enjoying a fun, active getaway in a less-fashionable alternative.

Hearing his sister’s complaints with the two-piece bathing suits she’d tried, John Moran, 25, founder of swimsuit maker Vaya Island, saw the perfect opportunity to create a business by offering bikinis that were both sporty and stylish.  He started his one-man business from a dorm room while he was studying business and marketing at Merrimack College in 2014, investing $700 he’d saved from working at a golf course. Today, Moran, who is based in Cape Cod, Mass., has built it to the point he’ll bring in $500,000 this year.

“It wasn’t like I wanted to avoid a nine-to-five job,” says Moran. “I didn’t think I was going to be doing this full-time at all. I put my head down and went to work and picked it up and all of a sudden was making enough money to support myself—all the while enjoying it. When you do something you love, you work a lot harder at it. It starts to become your baby, almost.”

Responding to his sister’s frustrations with typical bikinis, John Moran, 25, designed his own for women who like to be both active and stylish.Vaya Island

Here’s how he pulled it off:

Use whatever resources you have at hand. Moran

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