Photo (CC) by Nana-b-agyel, on Flickr

The one consistent force facing all small business owners is that of change.

As we prepare to enter a new year, it is not uncommon to take some time and think about things you would like to accomplish in 2019. The resolutions we lay out include those for our personal life but often those for our business. Making such resolutions is a great step except:

they are often forgotten about, or; there is little follow-through, especially long term.

Business owners have a third item they face – the world is constantly changing. Change isn’t something that can be planned just once a year; it is constant. As an owner, you need to have a method of information gathering that keeps you current on new ideas and trends affecting you and your business, industry, and the economy in general.

This overview must be inclusive including local, national and worldwide. Being a regular reader of Small Biz Survival is a great start but not enough. Find and build a package of key sources of information. Make scanning and reading them a regular part of your day, week and month.

And don’t forget listening. Be an active member in business and social networks, clubs and groups. There is so much information you can’t fully keep up. This is where your group can help not only fill in the gaps but they can help you prioritize what is more important for you to watch.

Change is here and change will remain. It’s a constant and the survival

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