Northern Lights, Cozy Hot Tubs: 11 Winter Glamping Spots You Need To See

Torassieppi Jerisjärvi in Northern Lapland, Finland.Photo courtesy of

Have you always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights in the middle of the wilderness? Does snuggling up next to a fire while snow falls on the roof of your cabin sound appealing? How about soaking in a hot tub outside in a winter wonderland? Glamping — code word for glamorous camping — isn’t a new concept, but it is taking off as a winter vacation idea. Since last year, searches for glamping sites are up 37% on, an outdoor accommodation booking site that recently launched in the U.S.

“Winter glamping is an original experience that enables travelers to bask in nature without sacrificing the comfort of luxury and modern amenities,” says Mara Casadio, marketing and content executive at “Glamping brings people close to nature even in winter, when the cold temperatures typically do not allow for camping in much of the world.”

According to Casadio, the concept of glamping actually goes back to the 1100s, when Mongolian gers (now known as yurts) came into use: The canvas-clad felt walls kept people cool in summer and warm in winter. In more recent years, glamping took off among well-to-do travelers reluctant to sacrifice home comforts during their grand tours of Africa. These days, glamping is more popular than ever, thanks to the current trend of growing personalization. “With its wide range of accommodation — from yurts, tipis and wigwams to treehouses, cozy pods and cabins — there’s something for everyone,” says Casadio. Another part of the appeal, especially in winter: Glamping locations tend to offer features such as hot tubs, sauna and breakfast on request.

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