Ten Digital Marketing Predictions For 2019

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“The future is much like the present, only longer,” said baseball pitcher Dan Quisenberry.

Here are some predictions for the future of marketing in the year 2019 and beyond from some thought leaders I polled, plus a few of my own prognostications.

Here are predictions from digital growth marketing expert and speaker Lisa Apolinski, owner of 3DogWrite, who I met this year when she asked me to help edit her upcoming manuscript. Recently I asked her for some forecasts and here are three points she made:

Digital, Digital, Digital. “Audiences will want better and more personalized digital engagement,” says Apolinski. “The digital user experience will need to be more seamless with stronger connection between digital assets.” It’s A Scandal. “Digital content overload will mean reviewing and optimizing digital messaging to keep it authentic and relevant,” says Apolinski. “With ever-growing data scandals, like the most recent one involving Facebook, privacy settings will increase, reducing data collection on social and other digital channels.” A Higher Degree. “To stay ahead of digital marketing trends, marketers will add education to their professional development with a digital marketing certificate program like the one offered at the University of South Florida.”

I put the question to one of my favorite marketing authors, David Newman, author of Do It Marketing, and creator of the Speaker Profit Formula that works with executives and entrepreneurs who want to monetize their expertise:

Marketing More Personal. “What’s the one thing you can’t outsource or delegate? Your physical

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