This Entrepreneur Left Her Journalism Career To Bring Endosphères Therapy To The US

Polina LevantCourtesy of Polina Levant

Polina Levant left her career journalism career to bring endosphères therapy to the US. Levant worked at a well known Russian publication where she was only allowed to interview prominent men. After using  e ndosphères therapy in her own health journey, Levant decided she wanted to bring the European treatment to the US. Levant had to travel back to her home country of Russia or even Italy to enjoy the benefits of the therapy, but knew that many Americans would enjoy the benefits of the treatment.

The first time entrepreneur opened the first US spa offering  e ndosphères therapy, Cellfit, while she was pursing her doctorate in clinical psychology .  Using a patented compressive micro-vibration method, the treatment can be used for body contouring, lymphatic drainage, cellulite reduction, to alleviate workout pain and soreness in muscles, to speed up athlete’s recovery time and surgical recovery, with results seen after just one session. Levant shares why she left her journalism career and paused her clinical psychology studies to take the leap of faith of becoming an entrepreneur.

Yola Robert: When you were a journalist at a prominent Russian publication you were only allowed to interview men such as Hugh Hefner, how did that fuel you to advocate for female entrepreneurs and executives?

Polina Levant: I was given an incredible opportunity to represent a major Russian publication after graduating from UCLA. Working as an international correspondent, I was assigned to only interview C-Suite accomplished, well-known businessmen and philanthropists which definitely played

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