For Some Entrepreneurs, New Year's Resolutions Address Growth, Market Changes

Some folks may approach every New Year with the same resolution, whether it be losing weight, becoming better organized or finally writing that novel.

Resolutions don’t have to be static, though, and a business may need to revisit its goals to adjust to its own rapid growth, evolving market conditions or other significant changes.

NuORDER, a B2B e-commerce platform, for example, plans changes to accommodate its growth.

The venture, which recently partnered with Nordstrom and announced a $15 million Series C funding round – the company’s raised nearly $37 million in all, according to Crunchbase – will be setting a new pace and approach for management team meetings in 2019.

Until now, the team managed the seven-year-old business on a “quarterly cadence,” co-founder and co-CEO Olivia Skuza explained recently. “We would plan each quarter and then review results at the end of the quarter. This quarterly cadence worked well when the business was smaller. But as we grow and the complexity of the business increases, we have decided that we need to move to a semi-monthly cadence.”

In 2019, the team will meet every two weeks to assess the company’s progress against goals.

“During these meetings, we are employing the philosophy of radical honesty, whereby each functional leader has the opportunity, and is encouraged, to ask tough questions of their peers, without reservation, with the goal of identifying gaps and then working together (as) a team to close them,” said Skuza.

“We believe that employing the radical honesty philosophy in a semi-monthly goal review cadence will help us ensure we achieve the many aggressive

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