3 Innovative Ways To Improve Your Negotiation Skills And Get Better Results In The New Year

The New Year Is The Perfect Time To Master This Three Step Negotiation ProcessGetty

As the year draws to a close, and before you make your New Year’s resolutions, it is often the perfect time to reflect on how to negotiate more successfully whether in your business or personal life.  Black Swan Group CEO and former top FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss reveals women (and men) often take themselves hostage in a negotiation before it even actually gets underway.

If you’ve ever wondered what might be stymieing your success, Voss explains that to reach a successful outcome, negotiations need to be process driven versus emotionally driven. Working with executives and corporations worldwide, Voss teaches a three-step, often counter-initiative approach to tackle business negotiations so you and your company can achieve the results that make a difference. It just might move your career and personal life forward in new and unexpected ways.

Step 1. More Homework Not Less. How you start a negotiation is critical. Step one is to gather enough information to have a feel for what a good-deal or personal agreement might look like. Voss counsels negotiation is an “information gathering process, in addition to an information using process” that should be broken down into a subset of detailed questions. Poll your peers, subordinates and boss for information as leadership by influence is quickly becoming the today’s most effective negotiation and management style.

First, you need to know if the deal is an illusion or if it is real.  Apparently, many

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