How to Create A Job Worth Waking Up For

Casual businesswoman is working on the computer at office.Getty

Heading back to work after the holiday break makes Monday morning even harder. Your unrelenting alarm clock blares loud noises, dragging you from peaceful sleep. It seems the only thing that could make that dreaded Monday morning wake-up call any worse, besides realizing you only have decaf coffee, is waking up knowing you’re about to start a week-long grind in a workplace you don’t want to be in.

The majority of the adult population spends more than a third of their lives at work. However, as a Deloitte study showed, less than 15% of Americans are passionate about their jobs. Work defines us as people and has a profound impact on the rest of our lives. I believe that workplaces should elicit passion. 

As the CEO of a food startup, Kuli Kuli, my number one job is to create a workplace that my employees are eager to wake up to. I feel it is my job to create a space that not only inspires people to work hard, but a place they are excited to be in. My role as “culture captain” wasn’t always a role that I recognized or valued. But, as Kuli Kuli has grown over the past five years, I’ve begun to realize that I am creating a culture in the way I lead, and that I had better be deliberate in how that culture is created.

If you find yourself dreading Mondays, and the rest of the week,

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