Drive Traffic To Your Website With These 3 SEO Tips

Your web presence can have an impact on your small business but it’s up to you whether that impact is positive or negative.

I’m going to tell you something you probably already know: Having a website is crucial to your business. You hear it everywhere, and, at this point, it’s almost common knowledge. I visited a panel a few years back in Washington DC where a representative from Google said that almost 50 percent of all independently owned businesses don’t have a website. It’s almost unheard of with how easy it is to start a site with services like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, and Shopify at everyone’s disposal.

Owning a website isn’t enough either. You need to maintain and update your site as often as you can just like you need to do with everything else in your business. It sounds like a lot of work but think of it like getting into the batter’s box without a bat… and Tom Seaver is lobbing fastballs at you.

For those who have a site and let it fall to the wayside, well, now you’re facing Seaver with a wiffle bat. Sure, you have a bat but you’re ill-equipped. Here are a few SEO tips to improve the likelihood your website is recognized by the Google Monster.

The technical purpose of regular blog postings, or online publications, is to tell search engines that your website is constantly being updated, and each new page should be indexed. This makes your site much more visible in search results for industry-specific keywords.

But the intent of

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