How One Entrepreneur Is Helping Families Go Zero Waste

Blue Rock toothbrushes

Blue Rock Toothbrush

The zero waste lifestyle is one of the trendiest around. Zero waste stores are on the up, while Google searches for zero waste tips have doubled since 2017.

But it was studying 3D Design at university that inspired Sebastien Gauthier to found BlueRock Living in 2017. “It was at university that I became aware of many environmental issues and discovered my passion for product design,” he says. “It wasn’t too long until I realized that simple lifestyle changes can make a considerable difference to global issues.”

Gauthier decided to zero in on targeting families – and start simple. “We started a toothbrush subscription through BlueRock, for families across the world who are eager to reduce their environmental impact.

“Our aim is to make plastic-free brushing more desirable and achievable to the growing eco-conscious audience. And in turn, reduce their impact on climate change and reduce ocean plastic pollution.”

An increase in media coverage around ocean plastic pollution and documentaries such as Blue Planet has increased demand for eco-retail, Gauthier explained.

“I wouldn’t say that the industry is untapped, but the industry has great potential for those that are innovative and are coming up with creative solutions.

It could well change how people live and shop, for the good of the planet, wildlife and the well being of humans around the world too. The market has a few large companies, but compared to other industries, there is a strong culture of supporting smaller brands who give a personal touch and

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