Why working hard and working smart is a waste of your time

A reader asked me why he’s making so little progress with his business, even though he’s working hard and working smart.

Here’s my answer. It’s not what you’re expecting!

Hard work is not the answer

The problem here is that from childhood we’re told to study hard.

Then we start our career and we’re told to work hard.

Then we’re told to work hard and work smart.

We’re even told to play hard!

Eventually we start to believe in all the hard stuff. We start to believe that working hard or studying hard is the route to success.

It isn’t. In fact, it will massively limit your potential!

Here’s what we know about the most successful and happiest people in business. They do things very differently.

They work smart, sure, but they work with passion for what they do. They study, of course, but they study with joy and excitement for what they’re about to discover. They play, but they play with a limitless sense of fun, just like they did when they were kids.

And the difference this makes is huge.

Hard work = Hard life

When you adopt a hard attitude to business, life becomes hard. Both for you and those around you. No one deserves to live like that. Especially you.

So, as we approach the mid-point of 2019, I’d like you to consider a very different approach.

The approach I suggest is both as easy (and as challenging) as this:

If you love what you do, then work with love. If

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