Why HR Managers Need To Know About ACICS

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ACICS is the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools and it’s an accreditor of colleges – one of the organizations that is supposed to supervise, scrutinize and certify that a college meets certain standards of quality.

Hiring managers and HR departments should know about ACICS because it currently authorizes about 165 schools to operate – blessing them with the ability to access federal grant and loan dollars to teach and award degrees. Most of the schools under the ACICS umbrella are for-profit colleges, schools we know to provide the worst outcomes across nearly every metric from high student debt and default rates to low graduation and employment rates.

And it’s possible to walk through how ACICS repeatedly failed to regulate its colleges, allowing many of them to fail, stranding hundreds of thousands of students. And how it was so bad that President Obama’s Department of Education revoked its ability to oversee colleges at all – a move President Trump reversed, keeping it and its for-profit college corporations in business. Or how its lack of oversight has now triggered former students to sue the Department of Education for simply keeping it alive, alleging, ACICS, “continued its pattern of accrediting many of the nation’s worst for-profit colleges.”

The ACICS colleges are statically so bad that their “graduates” are routinely unemployable. “Students who

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