This Entrepreneur Wants To Makes Periods Fun

Reusable cloth pads

Precious Stars

At the age of just 15 Bryony Farmer started her own business, while confined to her bed with lyme disease. “I realized having your period when you’re bed bound is miserable, and so I decided to search for a solution.

“Not only that, but I wanted to try and make periods as fun as possible.”

Farmer, now 21, tried a collection of reusable sanitary products but decided they could “use some tweaking”. That was back in 2013, and after trial and error using her mother’s sewing machine, she started selling them through Etsy, and now, through her company Precious Stars, founded in 2013. The company sells around 6,600 pads every year.

Precious Stars sells eco-friendly menstrual products, specializing in reusable pads that last up to 10 years – as opposed to disposable pads that take around 450 years to break down in landfill. The company offers a range from pantyliners to heavy flow, and has two collections – the more expensive Sparkle range – starting at £5.95 ($7.85) per pad, and the Budget range, starting at £2.85 ($3.76) per pad. The company also sells menstrual cups and wet bags for the pads.

In the past few years there has been an increased awareness of reusable tampons and pads, and companies selling period underwear, particularly since single-use plastics has come under fire.

“When I first started there were only a handful of people in the UK making cloth pads, now there are a lot more, although they still tend to be

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