On CRM: Signpost Raises $52M To Help Small Merchants Get More (And Better) Online Reviews

We love our dog.

So much so that I overpay for “nutritional” food, “all-natural” snacks and “safe” toys. I don’t know if any of these claims are true of these things make a difference. But only the best, you know?

My wife and I buy all this from a great local pet store. But as great as it is we would spend even more there. Yes, we’re suckers. A great new toy to make him happy? Sure! A grooming? Why, I didn’t know you even did that! Anal gland expression? Hey, why not! Oh, you mean for the dog? Uh, sure, that too!

All of these products and services are offered by our local pet store. But here’s the thing: we don’t know about them. We don’t hear from them unless we physically go to the store. If we did, we’d go to the store more often. We’d spend more money. And what about all the other people who may want to check them out but can’t find out much online? Why doesn’t the store owner make more of an effort? Is she independently wealthy? Maybe. Maybe not.

Companies like Signpost are trying to make this kind of marketing easier for the small merchant through CRM. And they’ve just raised $52 million to aid their efforts.

Signpost’s system, when setup, automatically imports all of the names and contact info of the store’s customers from their point of sale, phone and email systems and continue updating as new purchases are made. It then tracks history, interactions and preferences (our dog is

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