The Digitization of Luxury With La Double J CEOs, J.J. Martin And Andrea Ciccoli

JJ Martin is a former fashion editor who founded La Double J, a women’s wear brand that uses vintage prints for its designs. She is Co-CEO with her husband, Andrea Ciccoli, co-founder of The Level Group, a specialist in taking luxury brands online.

La Double J

“Andrea and I were always brainstorming the company’s problems over dinner,” says J.J. Martin of her relationship with her husband and Co-CEO Andrea Ciccoli. Martin is the founder of La Double J, the Milan-based women’s wear brand that utilizes only vintage prints for all its textiles. “I feel like I got an MBA over the last two years while eating pasta la pomodoro on my kitchen table every night.”

Martin is a Los Angeles native who has been living in Milan with her husband for 18 years. She launched La Double J in 2015 after 15 years on staff at publications like Harper’s Bazaar US, The Wall Street Journal and *Wallpaper. 

While her former career reads like a rap sheet of traditional fashion media, the brand she founded is an exercise of contemporary e-commerce tactics. That’s because her husband is at the helm of The Level Group, an instrumental agency at the forefront of digitization of luxury fashion brands, and La Double J is a beneficiary of his expertise.

Ciccoli was a partner at Bain & Co. where he built the fashion and luxury practice working with top luxury brands and retailers for more than 15 years. 8 years ago he launched The Level Group, which is “a team of 250 people that

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