This Skincare Range Is Made Specifically For Women Going Through Menopause

Jane Atherton with Phytomone products

Phytomone Skincare

When Jane Atherton was running her own menopausal practice at the age of 52, she had several clients approach her asking what effect the menopause, and loss of estrogen, would have on their skin.

Atherton was also going through the stages of menopause, and experiencing issues with her skin, and so decided to upgrade her skincare products accordingly.

“I was shocked when, out of the hundreds of products on the market, none of them were formulated to suite menopausal skin,” she recalls.

At that moment, Atherton realized there was a gap in the market.

“Women going through menopause deserved to have specialized skin care products to care for their needs during this change in life, and which only specialized formulations can offer,” Atherton explains. “Menopause can be a very tumultuous time for many women, both physically and psychologically.”

And so, in 2014, Atherton launched Phytomone, dedicated to mature, hormone deficient skin.

The company’s debut product was a face cream called Pause Hydra Creme, although Phytomone now offers body oils, cleansers and other skincare products.

“The formulations are all developed with ingredients and special actives which specifically target mature skin aging at the root cause, loss of estrogen, and allowing mature skin to keep looking youthful and radiant,” Atherton says. 

When the company launched, it was the only brand in the UK offering specialized forumaltions for menopausal skin. Despite other ranges having since launched, Atherton says there aren’t any which see views as competition.

“Unfortunately, you only need to take a look at their ingredients list to see what they

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