Toxic Employees Can Have Deadly Consequences For Your Business

Toxic employees are like any other dangerous substance; in the context of a business, they can poison a workplace. What may have once been a congenial group of employees can seemingly turn into a renegade band in which no one has any loyalty to the company or even cares what happens in the future as long as salaries are paid.

Business owners and managers need to stay aware and be vigilant of employee attitudes and needs. This comes from having open and honest communication. When interaction breaks down between different levels of employees (owners and managers, managers and subordinates), the stage is set for any toxic employees to become focal points for the other employees.

One rotten apple spoils the barrel, and one unhappy employee can ruin an entire workforce.

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Of course, situations that have nothing to do with a business might be the cause of an employee’s discontent: family, financial, health issues, etc. Regardless of the source of a person’s unhappiness, it still must be dealt with if the attitude negatively affects the business environment. It is precisely for this reason management must properly and promptly handle toxic employees so the overall employee attitude and company efficiency is not negatively impacted.

Consider the following ways to handle difficult, toxic employees:

Be patient and maintain composure

Toxic employees are like kegs of gunpowder ready to explode at any second. They look for any opportunity to express their frustrations, try to intimidate, or be aggressive with the people around them. Push the wrong button, and havoc

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