Higher fees, higher profits, happier clients and less competition

In today’s post, I’m going to share a proven idea with you that can massively increase your revenues and profits. It’s something I’ve done successfully for countless clients over the years. And it’s based on a wonderfully effective business model, too.

I’d like start by asking you to consider the following. I want you to imagine for a moment, that your clients paid you significantly more than they do now. Maybe 200%, 300% or 500% more. If this was the case:

You could give them considerably more of your attention. You could provide them with a far, far better level of service. Your clients would value you more. So, they’d keep returning, delighted with the service they receive from you. Your clients would also recommend you to their friends, many of whom would then become clients. And these new clients would be just as delighted. And recommend you to their friends. Repeat.

Before you know it, you could have a premium quality client base, growing organically.

Premium quality clients. Growing organically.

Think about that for a moment. Because maybe it’s time you considered offering a premium version of your services. Your marketplace already has a highly profitable subset, who value quality and will very happily pay more for it. In fact, they eagerly seek it out.

But that’s not all

The premium quality corner of your marketplace is not only the most profitable. It’s also, by far, the least competitive. It’s the middle ground, which is always stuffed full of competing providers, forcing fees down.

Just think how

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