Mondelez SnackFutures Startup Talks About The Benefits of Incubation for Innovation

This is the third  in a series of interviews with corporate food and beverage venture groups and incubators, including General Mills 301INC, Coca-Cola VEB, and Nestlé’s internal Incubator.  

The existence of this type of organization has been one of the most important trends in how Big Food innovates these days.

Today’s discussion is from the perspective of a startup on the other side of the fence. In this case, Uplift Food, who has participated in two different programs: Food-X Accelerator and Mondelez SnackFutures. Next up are Banza and Austin Cocktails

Barb Stuckey: Tell us a little bit about the evolution of the company, a little about yourself.

Kara Landau:   I’m a registered dietician and I’ve been based in New York since 2012. I specialize in the connection between your gut health and how that can affect your mental health. 

I was acting as a consultant and I also was being interviewed more and more in the media about the connection between gut health and your brain. I realized that there was this big opportunity for a brand in the food space to own that. So I flew back to Australia to launch the brand in March 2018, with the first product which we called the Daily Uplifter,  an organic and plant based natural powder supplement. The top ingredients are things like green banana flour which contains a special prebiotic called resistant starch. Anf Jerusalem artichoke which has a soluble prebiotic fiber and probiotics that are specific for mood that have been shown in science to support mental well being

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