5 Things to Do When a Client Says They Can’t Afford You

If you’ve ever been on a prospecting call only to hear the four words most business owners dread: “I can’t afford it.” you may have felt instantly deflated left wondering what you did wrong or should have done differently. You might be questioning your prices, your offer, and your pitch, and even spun down the rabbit hole wondering if you could keep your business afloat and growing.

We all wish perfect prospects instantly turned into a sale, but more often than not, we’re met with “I need to think about it,” or worse, “I can’t afford it.”

I reached out to Jenny Shih, a business coach and strategist, for her thoughts on how to navigate this conundrum. I appreciated her thoughts on what “I can’t afford it” really means and what we can do.

5 Things to Do When a Client Says They Can’t Afford You | Stephanie Burns

Jenny Shih

The good news is, when you understand what “I can’t afford it” really means, you gain a whole new perspective on selling and can be better prepared next time you get this all-to-common objection.

Shih says,“’I can’t afford it’ usually has nothing to do with money. Your prospect is dishing you (often unintentionally) a little white lie. Saying these words is an easy way for them to end the conversation and avoid a potentially uncomfortable situation.”

You’ve probably done the same thing before. You hopped on a call with a service provider, and when it came time for the pitch, you opted out. You made an excuse, probably having

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