There Is More Than One Way to Succeed in Online Retail

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Just as there is no perfect formula for living the good life, there is no perfect formula for building a successful business. Nowhere is this more true than in online retail.

Setting up a New Business Can Be Frustrating

One of the most frustrating aspects of setting up a new business is sorting through all of the advice. Search for business advice online and you will find millions of articles—including this one. They all seem to have something to contribute to your vision. Ask your friends for advice, and they will give you, even more to think about. How do you make sense of it all?

Just Try Looking for a Perfect Formula for Business Success

The first thing you do is come to terms with the fact that there is no perfect formula for building a successful business. Take online retail, for example.

You may find people who offer a formula they guarantee will lead to success. What they really offer is an opinion. When you step back and analyze the most successful businesses in the world, you discover they all have one thing in common: Those who built them did not follow a formula.

Online retail is as good an example as anything else to illustrate this principle. Let it be known from the outset that there is more than one way to succeed in online retail. You are limited only by your imagination and creativity.

Online Retail Is More Complicated Than It Appears at First Glance

Online retail is pretty basic at its core. You

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