Steps to Promote Harmony Between Kitchen and Service

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The owner of every food service business wants to tickle the taste buds of the restaurant’s clientele. Meanwhile, they also want the establishment to be a celebration of hospitality. Responsibility for these two areas lies with two independent yet inextricably linked areas: the kitchen staff, referred to in the industry as “back of house,” and the service staff, known as “front of house.”

So how can restaurant managers and owners promote harmony between between back of house staff and front of house staff?


Personnel Clashes Between Kitchen and Service Can Lead to Mini-Wars

Harmony between kitchen and service is an important factor for a positive guest experience. However, often the two collide unchecked. In many cases, this can have serious consequences.

A mini-war between service and kitchen often ends with unhappy guests. That is rarely in the best interests of the business. It’s true that the relationship between kitchen staff and serving staff is severely tested on some days. There are frequently situations in which the needs of the kitchen staff clash with the needs of the serving staff.

New members to both kitchen and service staff can immediately pick up on who are the “friends” and who are the “enemies” in a particular hospitality business.

The whole scenario is reminiscent of an elderly married couple who demand a lot from each other. All the while, each is unhappy about the decisions and actions of the other partner over the years. And each gives loud vent to their

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