Digital Kitchen: The Cloud as Chef de Cuisine

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How does the commercial digital kitchen work, and can you use this technology in your restaurant or catering business?

In the digital kitchen, devices on the kitchen’s network continuously collect and process data. This helps smart assistants prepare delicious dishes faster.


Find out here what the current developments and trends look like for the digital kitchen.

Digitizing in Commercial Kitchens Yields Greater Efficiency

Commercial kitchens must adhere to strict benchmarks. Governmental regulations impose precise rules for hygiene, the chill chain, storage of items, protective clothing, and cleaning. Moreover, restaurant management must document each step in the process, slowing operations and delaying progress in the kitchen.

Digitization is the key to meeting these challenges. In the digital kitchen as described in the online magazine KTCHN Rebel, for example, all devices are connected via a network and continuously exchange data. Notebooks, tablets, or smartphones analyze and control individual procedures.

Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash

The “fast slow food” movement in particular has begun to exploit the advantages of digitization. With this technology, a restaurant’s kitchen staff can more quickly and easily prepare precise and therefore exquisite meals.

The digital kitchen starts with the networking of kitchen appliances. But the guests, too, participate in this process. They do this by choosing the ingredients for their meals by way of an app or an iPad.

Before they do, though, they can review the nutritional values of the ingredients they are choosing. Frequently, customers who are accustomed to digital devices have fewer reservations about using this

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