Digital Marketing Topics Needed in University Curriculum

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Technology is something we cannot wish away. Every field has taken a shift toward technological innovations, and marketing is no exception. Therefore, it is time for institutions to help students learn how to use digital marketing platforms constructively. 

Marketing students, in particular, would benefit from added instruction featuring digital marketing platforms. After all, they are venturing into a job market that is more inclined toward digital marketing. In order to help students make good use of digital platforms, the following key topics should be included in degree programs.


Digital Marketing Analytics 

Analyzing data is key for successful digital marketing. Students must learn to translate customer behavior into useful data that will help a business market its operations. Marketers can use digital and web analytics to examine the online platforms their clients utilize.

For example, if a business has a website, then marketers can use cookies to track user interaction and make relevant recommendations. Introducing such topics to students provides them skills to calculate things such as bounce rates and interactions per visit. Thus, students are ready to evaluate and provide guidance for business owners to improve their online presence.

Social Media Relationships 

For any business to succeed, it must maintain a good relationship between clients and the service provider. Regardless of the size of the company, one needs to know how to build lasting relationships that would benefit the business. The reputation of a business depends on such relationships.

The growth of social media demands

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