Should You Care About Employees’ Lives Away from the Office?

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If your business generally operates from an office, then it is quite likely that at least some of your employees have spent the past few months away from the office and working from home.

As an employer, how can you keep tabs on employees’ mental health when they’re away from the office? And should you even care? We say yes.


Here are the main reasons why you should care about your employees’ lives outside of their daily work duties.

Employees’ Health and Productivity

Unfortunately, studies have shown that work tends to cause the most stress in a person’s life. That’s why it is essential for them to have time for themselves. Everyone needs to have hobbies and a social life away from the office.

If they feel satisfied in their personal lives, they will be more productive when they come to work. However, there could be a problem going on at home. If so, there is a high chance an employee could bring their dissatisfaction into the work environment. For instance, if they are having personal problems away from the office, they may be confrontational, distracted, or difficult to talk to at work.

It’s important to give your employees the space they need to breathe. They are not going to be on top of their game every time they are at work. Be understanding and flexible. Try to empathize with whatever they might be going through. Give them time to get themselves back into a working frame

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