The Top 20 Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

Here are 20 marketing ideas for restaurants and the food and drink industry. Marketing today has changed so much with everyone having such a greater online presence. If your restaurant has not taken a piece of the pie, you are truly missing out. 

Some of these marketing ideas can be really simple but also very powerful! Implementing these restaurant marketing tactics are a sure-fire way to increase business, gain more awareness, and bring in more customers. 

For starters, any time you are putting together a marketing plan, you need to understand the importance of market research. This will give you an inside look at who the target audience is, their buying behaviors, interests, demographics, etc. 

Stunning Website 

Having a stunning website is key when visitors are looking for menus, hours, locations, etc. This is extremely important for small restaurant owners, including local businesses. The reason is, 74% of people who visit your website base use the design to determine your credibility. So if your website isn’t up to par, and if they have never dined with you before, they will probably find a different restaurant. 

You can start a website by using Bluehost and WordPress! Here are some pros and cons of a DIY website versus a professional. 

Facebook Pages 

Your restaurant, cafe, brewery, whatever your business is, you have to have a Facebook business page set up. There are over 3 billion people on the platform, and most are regular users. Be sure you optimize the page for aesthetics, along with completing the about section.

The more you can

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