Two Essential CX Secrets I Learned From Mister Rogers

One of the most essential principles of the customer experience is so stupidly simple that it’s almost invisible. It’s that there are three basic steps of service/three basic segments of the customer experience, and each of them matters.   As soon as I tell you what the three steps are, you’ll go into full snark mode and say, “Oh boy, I didn’t need a self-styled customer experience expert to tell me that.” But that’s the price I’ll have to pay.


1.  The warm welcome

2.  The performance of the service (or provision of the product)

3.  The fond farewell

Or, if you want to name them even more succinctly,

1.  The beginning

2.  The middle

3.  The end

The point of breaking the three steps of the customer experience (CX) out this way is to deter you from making the mistake of only considering the central step—the performance of the service/the provision of the product–to be what you “do.” This is such a natural default for us all, that it’s hard to escape. We think of a doctor as someone who diagnoses and treat patients. A bank teller counts and dispenses money. A waiter carries food to and from the table. A funeral director cares for the body. And so forth.

Fred Rogers, of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, donates his famous red cardigan sweater to the National … [+] Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution.

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The second essential customer experience principle that Mister Rogers got right, and that I’d say his 30+ years’ tenure

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