Three Things Newborns Can Teach CEOs

Little Boss Baby

Lisa Curtis

My newborn has taught me more about business fundamentals in five weeks than I taught myself in seven years as a CEO. My “little boss”, as I call her, has put me through a rigorous bootcamp that has opened my eyes to delegation, prioritization, and self-care skills that can help any business leader. Here are the top three things my daughter Orion has taught me:

1.Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

I live three blocks from a drugstore. Like many moms, I needed a lot of feminine care products while recovering from childbirth. Every day after Orion was born I told myself that I was going to find time to walk down the street to CVS and buy the products I needed. Each day after hours of breastfeeding, rocking a crying baby, and attempting to feed myself in between, I’d realize that I wasn’t going to make it to the store. Finally, after a week of not being able to walk three blocks, I gave up and asked my father-in-law for help. Ten minutes later I had the products I needed. Over the past few weeks I’ve progressively delegated more – asking friends and family for help with everything from dinner to laundry, and outsourced everything else through tools like online groceries.

I’ve always known that delegation is key to successfully running a company. But knowing that delegation is important is very different from being good at it, especially when it comes to the areas of

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