This Start-Up Is Democratizing Non-Invasive Beauty Treatments For The Masses

I have been getting non-invasive, energy-based beauty treatments for years. I attribute these treatments as one of the reasons some people think I am younger than I actually am. The problem is that that these treatments need to be done with some level of regularity to maintain the benefits, which means they can get costly. The associated costs have been one of the reasons that I haven’t done these treatments as regularly for myself. But, then I discovered VANA Laser Club.

VANA Laser Club

Courtesy of VANA Laser Club

Launched in 2018 by founder Nicole Stern, VANA Laser Club is the first and only membership-based aesthetic practice that offers discounted pricing to its members to address a variety of skin conditions. Non-members are still able to utilize the club’s services—just not at the significantly discounted membership rates. “VANA Laser Club was designed with results and affordability in mind,” says Stern. “Aesthetic medicine has exponentially evolved over the last decade. But, the access to treatments has remained confined to a doctor’s office and up to a couple thousand of dollars for one treatment.”

VANA offers the paradigm shift to the status quo.

“After extensive research of the best aesthetic medical devices on the market today, we concluded that skin and body results not only require multiple treatments, but a combination of technologies to deliver the best results,” continues Stern. “Our mission is to be the one place where you can come to openly discuss your aesthetic goals and work

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