Why Content Marketing Matters For Brands (And Yes, This Includes Yours)


When you hear the term “content marketing,” it’s easy to think of big brands with six-figure advertising budgets and a team of bloggers and infographic designers on their sides. The thing is, it doesn’t matter how “big” your brand is. Even if you’re a freelancer or solopreneur, content marketing can make a significant difference for your ability to attract high-quality clients.

Yes, creating quality content marketing requires a fair amount of time — but what doesn’t? This is an important investment into your brand that will keep on giving.

It’s Essential For (Long-Term) Lead Generation

People no longer make a knee-jerk purchase because of an ad they happened to see on TV or online. Instead, they consider various options and do their research before making a decision.

When done right, your content will help you distance your brand from the competition. It will engage potential clients and provide the information they need to make their decision. It will present you in the best light possible.

Creating content is always worth it! The biggest reason? Because unlike ad campaigns, content is forever. It continues to exist on your website and other channels long after you publish it.

High-value content could eventually rank in Google search results itself, serving as a lasting form of lead generation. Valuable, insightful content has the potential to keep delivering value for your brand long after you’ve written it and forgotten about it.

If Google Cares About Content, You Should, Too

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