Debunking Three Of The Top Product Management Myths

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There are many different ways to be a product manager. And many things in the industry such as job titles, technical knowledge requirements and education requirements differ from company to company.

So it’s easy to see why product management can often be such a misunderstood function. I’d like to take this opportunity to clear the air and help to bust some of product’s most pervasive myths.

Myth 1: Product managers are the CEO of the product.

This is a fine way to explain what a product manager does to someone who doesn’t work in the tech industry. But within the industry, we should avoid it at all costs.

Product managers are called the “CEO of the product” because they have a broad understanding and control over product development. They hold the product vision and drive the teams forward, much like a CEO. In smaller startups (think very small) the CEO/founder may also function as a product manager.

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