How To Humanize The Public Relations Experience

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The very core of a publicist’s work is relationship building. That may sound like it should be a given for all aspects of business, but what I’ve discovered over the years working in the industry is that both media people and clients feel like the interaction is more like a cold transaction versus a cultivated relationship.

Connecting With The Client

Getting to know someone on a personal level allows the opportunity to dig a little deeper and really get to know who you’re working with, humanizing the interaction. Beyond learning names, find out their goals, their challenges and what they are passionate about; it all comes down to establishing that one-on-one interaction.

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Social media is a powerful tool in a media professional’s toolbox for multiple reasons. Not only can you share content, whether it’s a long-form article or a short tweet, but you can also reach a very broad audience. If you want to connect people to a brand, the strategic use of humor is another way in which to marry the two. How do you do that? You share with

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