How One Entrepreneur Bootstrapped To $10 Million In Revenue By Solving A Problem He Saw At Work

Saravana Kumar

In your day to day job, you likely see inefficiencies and problems all around you. Perhaps the software system you use isn’t effective, or with some tools your processes could be dramatically improved. 

For Saravana Kumar, not only did he identify a problem at work, he did something about it. Now he’s the founder and CEO of a software business,, which he grew to $10M in revenue without any external investment. 

Witnessing a problem

Saravana worked for ten years as a consultant for different companies like Accenture and Fidelity. His core area of expertise was for a product called BizTalk Server, which allows companies to automate business processes.

BizTalk360 which offered generic management, monitoring, and analytics solutions for BizTalk Server.

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Selling and marketing with no experience

Unlike some aspiring entrepreneurs, for Saravana, building a product was a relatively easy task for someone coming from a technical background. His major challenge was in selling to enterprises with no experience. 

This is where Saravana’s blog came to the rescue. He had been blogging since 2004 on topics related to BizTalk Server and had written over 500 articles on this topic. He also moderated a community website for BizTalk Server called BizTalk247. 

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