Connecting Farmers Of Color

A mobile app directory includes listings of farms owned by farmers of color.

Photo Courtesy of Happy Organics LLC

An agtech entrepreneur and farmer creates a digital directory linking BIPOC farmers

Jessica Gonzalez is a farmer and beekeeper who runs Happy Organics LLC a sustainable farm and apiary out of Merced, California. She launched the enterprise in 2018 on the family farm, which she and her siblings managed after their father died of cancer that same year.  

Gonzalez is also a technologist with a background in a sector called agtech, the merger of agriculture and technology. Prior to launching Happy Organics, she was a co-founder and the chief technology officer of HeavyConnect, a Salinas, California-based agtech company that makes software for farmers. Before that she majored in computer science at Mills College in San Francisco and worked as a software developer at ThoughtWorks.

“Our Farmers” an online directory of farms owned by BIPOC [black indigenous people of color] farmers in the U.S. that seeks to create a community among farmers of color, and also bridge growers and those in agribusiness who seek to connect with farmers of color.

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Jessica Gonzalez at the family farm in Merced, California.


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