Level UP With LinkedIn Live

Millions of professionals worldwide are already using LinkedIn but a feature that is still in beta and very few influencers have access to is LinkedIn Live. LinkedIn Live is LinkedIn’s live streaming option that is focused on business content and smart conversation. 

Unlike Facebook live, in which anyone can livestream about pretty much anything, LinkedIn Live is different because of the trustworthy environment and platform that they have cultivated specifically for a professional audience. Because of this live host can reach a targeted audience that is specifically interested in the content and information they are sharing. 

One of the great parts of the platform is how you can engage with those followers who are watching the stream. Your ability to think quickly, build conversations that are interesting, and develop a situation that fosters engagement is the key to a successful live. 

For Ahmad Imam, co-host of LinkedIn’s first TV show, “Level Up TV,” LinkedIn Live innovator, and prolific content creator, the initial driver that his brand was facing was to educate and inspire entrepreneurs and create a strong and intentional brand with knock-out content so they can reach more people and build stronger relationships – ultimately driving revenue and growth. With a background in working with speakers like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Sir Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki, Ahmad uses LinkedIn Lives to focus on creating content that allows entrepreneurs to truly make an impact in their business, their life, and their family. 

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