What Are the Best Bitcoin Payment Gateways for 2021?

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Given all the attention bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies received during 2020, you might be thinking of accepting bitcoin in your business. If so, you’re probably wondering which bitcoin payment gateway would be best. We take a look in this post.

A bitcoin payment gateway is similar to the other payment gateways you use in your business. The only difference is that cryptocurrency payment gateways, as the name suggests, accept cryptocurrencies.


Why Do Merchants Need Bitcoin Payment Gateways?

Once you have begun accepting cryptocurrency payments over a reliable bitcoin payment gateway, you’ll discover a whole world of new customers. This is literally true, as you’ll be able to accept instant payments from customers anywhere in the world.

Plus, the mere fact that you accept cryptocurrencies as payment will be great for your company’s public relations. For example, your customers will appreciate the fact that their transactions with your business will be completely private, thanks to the very nature of cryptocurrency transactions. Moreover, those transactions will be utterly secure, too, with no risk of fraud. This is because payments will be securely stored in the blockchain ledger.

Finally, you will enjoy low transaction fees when you accept payments over a bitcoin payment gateway. In fact, fees on these transactions will be significantly lower than those you’re currently paying for debit and credit card transactions.

What Are the Best Bitcoin Payment Gateways for 2021?

Here is a short list of the best bitcoin payment gateways currently

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